Friday, 4 September, 2009


Mumbai : Sources revealed that on 29th Aug. when CSC/RPF C.Rly Sh. B. S. Siddhu had gone for a prize distribution function of RPF Ganesh utsav at Mulund Mumbai he deliberately visited the RPF Association office situated at Mulund H.Q. at the request of his 'yes man' ASC Sh. S. P. Singh who was specially posted at Mulund by canceling his transfer to Valsad Training Centre W.Rly as he was used by Sh. Siddhu to victimized the office bearers of RPF Association C.Rly.

Sources says that during his visit he asked Sr.DSC Sh. S. C. Parhi as whether the office is allotted to RPF Association C.Rly by the administration as per the norm and facilities granted by Railway Board, on being replied by Sr.DSC that the allotment is done as per the prescribed norm and letter is there in his office in this respect. On this Sh.Siddhu asked him to put up a note for cancellation of allotment of Zonal Office of Association at Mulund. He reportedly said that issue notice to the Association to vacate the office otherwise forcibly throw away their office equipment and records.

It is learnt that as soon as this news reached the Association activists they reacted angrily to the reported talk of CSC Sh.Siddhu and decided to contemplate agitation in the eventuality of any such move by Sh.Siddhu. On being contacted to Sh. S. R. Reddy, Genaral Secretary, AIRPFA Central Railway zone, his reaction was instinctive. He said that since 2004 when Sh.Siddhu joined as CSC Central Rly. his actions are tyrannical in nature may it be subjective transfer of staff, posting of his 'yes men' at prime posts, deliberate violation of statutory RPF rules and directives of Railway board in favoring his 'yes men' and victimizing office bearers of the Association.

He further said that Sh.Siddhu does not believe in healthy industrial relation, as for this purpose only the recognition to the Association was granted and was made a member of PREM (Participation of Railway Employees in Management). Sh. Reddy further said that on one hand Sh Siddhu is a member of privileged IPS Association and on other hand opposing the Recognized RPF Association of underprivileged class III staff of RPF.

He said that Sh Siddhu is so ill will against the office bearers of the Association that he dismissed both him (Shri Reddy) and President of the Association Sh.S.C.Jha from service by initiating and conducting faulty DAR action. As in his case of CBI, the person who was trapped red handed is still in job and he (Sh. Reddy) who as per the prosecution story had mobile conversation, but now it is clear that neither the mobile nor the voice belongs to him (Sh. Reddy), is out of job.

Similarly in Shri S.C. Jha’s case the person who were arrested in crime of Railway Property at Matunga W/Shop, are in job and Sh. Jha who was not remotely concerned with that crime has been dismissed. He further said that at the time of his (sh. Reddy) dismissal, Inspectors close to Sh.Siddhu had threatened Divisional Secretary of Mumbai Division Sh. D. C. Pandey that they will forcibly capture Association office by breaking up the lock. In this respect a case is already registered at Navghar Police Station Mulund. Sh.Siddhu wanted to dismiss Sh. Pandey too by initiating DAR action on flimsy ground but due to timely stay granted by Hon'ble High Court of MUmbai, Sh. Pandey was saved.

Sh. Reddy exhorted that to uncover the failure on part of Sh Siddhu as a security head in not protecting 57 passengers killed and 97 injured in a Terrorist attack on CST Station on 26/11 has to be probed by some commission like Ram Pradhan commission. Sh. Reddy strongly said that firing on terrorists by some officers of RPF has been managed at the behest of Sh.Siddhu just to save his skin in such a big casualty of Railway passengers.

Sh Reddy said that in spite of Sh Siddhu’s illegal and unlawful administrative actions including victimization of office bearers of the Association. The Association never acts in indiscipline manner or resorted to any agitational activity, and so far only put on record the things by approaching Hon'ble GM Central Railway, DG/RPF, CRB, Hon'ble MR and Hon'ble High Court through Zonal Body as well as All India body.

He categorically said that any move by Sh.Siddhu in respect of cancellation of allotment of Association office or its forcible occupation will bring unrest in industrial relation. He further said that if administration wants to utilize that place for some administrative work they have to satisfy the Association on that matter and provide suitable accommodation at the place agreed to by the Association.

When asked about his course of agitation if Sh. Siddhu go ahead with his act of forcible occupation of Association office, he said that he himself will sit on indefinit hunger strike in front of GM’s office to uncover all the activities of Sh.Siddhu.

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