Saturday, 5 December, 2009

Improvement in wheel design
is need for the future-Ahamed

Bangalore : Minister of State for Railways E Ahamed today called upon technical experts to concentrate on improvement in wheel design and higher wheel-life.

Speaking at a seminar on 'Wheel-Design and Higher Wheel Life and Safety organised as part of Silver Jubilee of Rail Wheel Factory here, he said, ''We are facing a shortage not because the RWF is not producing wheels but because the demand for more coaches is increasing day by day. ''It is therefore very apt that technical experts and professionals in the field have come together today to discuss on topical and relevant issues like better wheel-design, higher wheel-life etc, so that the rate of wheel attrition can be reduced and resultant wheel-availability can be improved.'' Rail Wheel Factory General Manager R K Upadyay said though Railways was contributing towards economic growth of the country, the allocation by the Planning Commission in the Five Year Plans was going down.

''We have to improve quality of services with the existing infrastructure and whenever there is increase in the rail fares it would be viewed politically.'' He said keeping in view global warming there is need for more electric trains which leads not only reduction in consumption of diesel and indirectly, foreign exchange, but also protect the environment. Union Minister of State for Railways K H Muniyappa, in his address, said to the extent possible, we should adopt the hub and spoke model wherein Railways connect important towns and the small towns are connected by roads.

''In other words, the Railway Junction becomes a hub and the arterial roads will connect the smaller towns and villages.

''It would not only minimize pressure and wear and tear of roads but also saves precious foreign exchange. ''A large chunk of our foreign exchange goes towards importing fuel. This can be reduced if Railways are used to carry goods and passengers for long distance, and roads for travelling shorter distances to villages and small towns,'' he added.


rohit said...

Dear tripathi ji,
I wants to know why rrb bhopal not completing the recruitment process . cat 20 asst loco pilot post published in 2007 and there is no progress even the document verification was completed of all the candidates . why there is not a responsible officer who atleast recieve a phone call and give a reason for delay in recruitment . but i think rrb's are becomes private property of mamta benarjee and other king size officers .it's so sad no command on those peoples whom giving stress to hardworking candidates . and making wrost image of railways .can i know,that three years is a short time to full fil vacancies ? they dont know that selected candidates are totaly confused about ther future they are totaly free (unemployed) since last three year because of only rrb's recruitment style. my all bad wishes to mamta benarjee who is playing with our future for only party's fund .

prabhuns said...

The editor,
railway samachar

Sub : Appointment in alternate Category in Southern Railway

At the outset kindly accept my deep regards.
I Prabhu nath singh Roll no :4029512, :111, a single OBC Candidate Selected by Railway Recruitment Board, Thiruvanthapuaram for the Post of Traffic Apprentice according to joint Employment notice No 02/2008 of 12/07/2008.
I got an offer of appointment from Sr. DPO, Palghat Division, kerela. I was called for medical examination on 24/8/09 at palghat Railway Hospital. I was declared medically unfit by sr. DMO Palghat.
I was sent for re medical examination to the CMS Railway hospital Palghat through Sr. DPO, Palghat with the support of a medical Certificate issued by office of the Civil surgeon cum CMO Bokaro. Again I was declared medically unfit by Chief Medical Superintendent Railway hospital Palghat
Sir/ Madam, I need your benediction in my endeavour to get into Indian Railway. So please look into the matter and consider my request for the appointment in alternate category
For this I will be highly obliged to you.

Your Faithfully

Prabhu Nath singh