Tuesday, 7 July, 2009

The decision of posting Senior Officers

as SDGM has been welcomed

Shri Ambikesh Gupta IRTS on release from DRM/Dhanbad/ECR, has resumed as SDGM/NWR/JP on 06/07/09 relieving Shri Naresh Malhan IRTS now posted in NWR Cadre.

The decision of posting Senior Officers from IRTS specially released from DRM has been welcomed as posting of junior and inexperienced Officers as SDGM has was causing great concerned and vigilance was earning bad name due to false cases.

Now with experienced person as SDGM it is expected that only genuine cases will be taken up which was only a dream so far.

Shri S C Jethy IRTS on release from DRM/NGP/SECR has been posted as CSO/NWR/JP. Prior to DRM Shri Jethy has worked as SDGM/WCR/JBP.

Shri Deepak Dave IRTS has been posted as COM/NWR/JP.

Shri R K Meena IRTS presently working as CSO/NWR has been posted in cadre of NWR/JP.

Shri Sanjay Dass IRTS has resumed as DRM/Ajmer vice Shri R K Tandon IRTS posted as SDGM/ECoR/Bhubneshwar.

Trapped vigilance Inspector

allowed to resume duty

Shri M K Khana a most corrupt ex. CVI from S&T Branch, working for more than his tenure in NWR Vigilance was finally allowed to resume his duty as Signal Inspector in Ajmer Division of North Western Railway. Shri Khanna was trapped red handed by CBI while accepting bribe from his own colleague, a Signal Inspector, at Jaipur last year.

Known as very close to most corrupt ex. SDGM/NWR has ever seen Shri S B Gandhi and also equally close to out going SDGM Shri Malhan, but Shri Malhan was in dark about him while he was using his name but when he (shri khanna) was trapped that opened the eyes of Shri Malhan.

Shri Khanna was instrumental in many vigilance cases against staff and officers of NWR. He was first lifting the files than at the pretext of making cases uses to extract money. Sources say if charges framed by Shri Khanna are properly investigated than 80% to 90% charges will be fake. It is also surprised how he was getting through all theses false charges through from zonal vigilance, Railway Board Vigilance and finally from CVC...? It only shows most casual working of vigilance department.

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