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My dear Jitendra,
I happen to see your interview in Railway Samachar. It was pleasant to know that with your capability, quality, Capacity, Competence and Resources, you have been able to achieve so much. Please accept my congratulations and best wishes.
Since beginning you have been calling me ‘Bhisham Pitamah, Guru, ‘Elder Brother and also expert of data and Analysis. Since it is the formost Duty of GURU, to show right path, motivate for right directions and to give Guidance to his disciple, I could not resist the temptation to fulfil my Responcibility, and therefore this letter of mine. I am sure that you will as the ‘GUSTAKHI’ of elder brother and will not take it otherwise.
First of all- your question of contribution by Sr./Ex officebearers during last 20 years(incidently the last 20 is the entry of myself and Mr. Hasan in the Federation,hence we are taking of our contribution only and not of others). In fact talking of our own contribution is not good ourselves, whatever bad or good they have done only the coming time will tell as this is a matter of History. It is never good to tell about ourself instead allow others to speak about us. Still one credit I can definitely claim, that is- as a GURU- I could produce a capable, competent, qualified and knowledgeable DISCIPLE who as per his own claim, has been able to achieve so much and that also without any or guaidance from any corner and when many persons were putting hurdles. That I was able to find such person and bring up such person from ‘NOWHERE stage or say ‘PATTAL’ and could bring up before everybody after making him competent,giving him every knowledge and information, is a most satisfying factor and I feel proud of it ans I feel that it is my greatest achievement and contribution.You may not attach any other Contribution in my name, but atleast you cannot take away this credit please do write this in your diary, this great achievement of mine, before my name.
Otherwise also, a citation letter/appreciation letter or a record of my Contribution in 5-6 pages, which was issued/published by you at the time of my retirement, is still a important treasure of my life, which I am keeping as a ‘GURU DAKSHINA’ to his guru from a disciple. But in view of the passing time,if you feel that citation letter has become of nil value, or you feel you had spoken untruth at that time, I am without any hesitation, willing to return back that piece of paper. However I don’t want to rewrite again about my contribution, mentioned in that as the same was the narration of a disciple for his GURU.
Now, being elder or say Guru, I woyuld like to correct yours few sayings-through your interview - so that atleast administration is not told wrongly, and you may corrwect yourself before much damage is done.
You have stated that:-
25% cadre was existing/available for the last 20 years, and that your seniors did not do much, hence the cadre lost a large number of vacancies in Gp.A. That the full cadre was of 720 and 250 vacancies of this were reduced to 180, which has been got increased to 412 by you and finally you are going to get get 50%(824 posts) in your presentation in PREM.
Truth is - 25% of the cadre system was never in existence earlier. It came in existence from 2000-01 only for the first time hence 180 vacancies of 720 cadre. In 1995, a total of 100 posts were given for all departments. Federation fought for and got 250 posts for 5 years were sanctioned. These were not reduced to 180 on account of post base roster as you say but on account of fear of increased stagnatin in the cadre of Gp.A. You know it very well-though you do not tell this to others- that evan today the vacanciesare not calculated on post based roster. Mentioning of 25% or 50% means itself that these are not on post based roster.
The principle of 25% was never accepted by yous so called seniors. Rather your beares, took benefit of that and were able to get 318 posts sanctioned for 2003 and 2004 exam years(They were able to prove that the number of Junior scale posts is 1273(25%=318) and not 720.
Evan your great achievement of 411 posts is based on this 25% (25%of 1647 JS posts). The only difference is that you were totally Ignorant of this fact till I gave you these papers(1858 JS posts existing)
After collecting this informationthrough my personal efforts (after I ceased to be office bearer in April 2005) and after getting it confirmed through RTI. We arehowever thankful- that on account of your status as Secy General-who else than Secy. Genral could have represented- and based on 25% of 1647, 411 posts were sanction.We could have got more posts for Engg and accounts also but we did not do it, Why we dont know.
You told many people that 50% cadre shall be granted on 5th Nov. after your presentation. Everybody was feeling to clebarate as D day. , though many of the people knew that PREM is not decuion taking body. I am now rightly told that a decision has been taken to constitute a committee for taking a decision about this.. I have already told you that on account of Federation activities, your bearers of earlier days were able to get one high lavel committee constituted of 7 EDs who submitted their report in 2001 only recommending 1680 posts in cadre and a share of 50% to Gp.B (840). This report was principly accepted also by the Board.. This is a little more than we are demanding, therefore the best way will be to get it implemented instead of making the issue debatable again.
The other great achievement of distribution of posts on stagnation basis (100%) you know it that your sr. ex. office bearers got it implemented and this is in existence for the last 16-17 years., first it was 25% stagnation posts and the 50%. The benefit of this system was to keep fraustration of Zones not getting any post in a year, under check and other was that manipulation in distribution was not possible, which is very difficlt in 100% . If however the distribution can be made rational and foolproof, There is no harm.One thing is sure that the concept was mooted by your so called sr.ex.officebearers only whom you blame have not done anything. It is now evident that all the credit of your achievements- 25%,50%,stagnation or whatever- belongs to your seniors only, and you just harvested the FASAL of their labour, which as a present officebeare you were supposed to follow.
Instead of lengthening the letter further,which can be discussed in some other forum later.But now let us discuss a very important aspect i.e. these very beares at least have one very great and important achievement at their credit that they atleast produced people like you-capable,competentand knowledgable- and many others who can claim today of many achievements. But excuse me and don’t mind,if I say, that you-despite many achievements- have failed to produce any such future Jitendra Singh. Still you have number of years at your disposal, you can, if you wish, produce a capable heir, but please be warned, that persons may not ditch you, fail you and he may not call you incompetent in later years and should not all credit of your, himself.

With best wishes

Yours brotherly,


PS; Since you have raised your complaint through newspaper, I am also marking a copy of this to Railway Samachar.

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