Thursday, 18 December, 2008

Complete violation of transfer rule in the case of medical officers & Health Inspectors in Eastern Railway by deliberate indulgences of corruptions by, authority, while allowing employees in retaining more than 15 years in same place.

In is a matter deep concern that only in Eastern Railway the administrative authority of medical department does not follow any of the rule of schedule of transfer in the case of officers & Inspectors. During last 20 years not a single Health Inspector is allowed to transfer from his place only because they regularly oblige zonal authority i.e. their incharge who is designated to look into the case – the Deputy CMD DR. MIHIR CHOWDHURY. As a matter of fact, as a deputy of Principal Head of Deptt. of Rly. (administrative capacity) in all department, Officers are transferred within three to four years. Dr. Chowdhury himself managed is his own post for last 14 years by manipulation. All the Inspectors are also staying in same place thereby, as all regularly oblige him with regular handsome bribe.

In the case of Rly. Officers of all department, 90% of officers are being transferred within 4 to 5 years but here in Eastern Railway 90 % of officers of medical department are staying more than 15 to 20 years. Even in adjoining Rly. Zones average officers (95%) in medical department are being transferred within four years.

It is also a matter of surprise while in the case of Senior Administrative Grade (SAG) all officers (95%) in other Railway Zone are being transferred where as in Eastern Railway they are allowed to stay in same place, same zone even of twenty five years by manipulation.

Dr. Shivaji Sengupta of B. R. Singh hospital, KOLKATA has been staying in same place for last twenty five years as well as the incharge of B. R. Singh Hospital – Medical Director Dr. Ghosal manage to retain in same zone in spite of promoting to SAG.

Except medical officers not a single case is seen in other department even of Eastern Railway. Many a times these officers of medical department raise the matter of their speciality of degree, which need them stay in B. R. Singh Hospital, Kolkata. But none of them even transfer within Kolkata in from B. R. Singh to Howrah Orthopedic Hospital. Divisional Railway Hospitals at Malda, Asansol, Jamalpur, Kanchrapara are being deprived of good medical officers of speciality cadre for last twenty five years as the doctors of kolkata manage their posting with manipulation of higher authority constantly. Even Doctor of same speciality in Kolkata / B. R. Singh Hospital never think of transfer to divisional Hospital even of as anesthetist.

Any independent enquiry could easily reveal this chain of corruption. As this cadre are not transferred from Kolkata, huge deal of money as deal of corruption also being made in dealing with private hospitals by referring the railway patients. Doctors in their respective Nursing home refer the Rly. patients where they regularly practicing for last 28 years.

Railway Board New Delhi is being managed by keeping completely unware of facts of breaking of transfer rule as per schedule by this local medical authority of Eastern Railway. These are following examples out of huge no. of cases of irregularities to justify the above allegation.

1. Dr. (Mrs.) Chumki Dutta : SRDMO/SG/BR. SINGH Hospital, Kolkata working for last 27 years in same place. Although as anneethesist every division of Eastern Railway post are being kept, she is not been transferred. From ADMO to SRDMO (SG) during last 27 years she is at B. R. Singh Hospital just by manipulating of higher authority.
2। Dr। M। Chowdhury : Work inspite of working at HD/QR as Deputy CMD for last 14 years not even transferred after promotion to SG from J। A. Grade.
Dr. Tarun Chowdhury : SRDMO/B. R. Singh / Kolkata in same place for 25 years.
Dr. Mrs. Sarbani Sengupta : Sr. DMO/SG/Liluah in same place for 22 years.
Dr. S. Raha : Sr. DMO/Liluah in same place for 22 years.
Dr. Mrs S. Raha : Sr. DMO/Liluah in same place for 22 years.
7. Dr. Supriya Behawal : SRDMO/Katwa/Bwn. He is in same place as SRDMO for last 26 years inspite of promoting to SG ( total three promotions).
8. Dr. Sibaji Sengupta : At B. R. Singh Hospital since ’86 even alter promotion of SAG grade retaining in the same place. He is in same place for 25 years.
9. Dr. Beuty Sarkar : Sr. DMO/Liluah for 20 years.
10. Dr. Ashish Das : SRDMO/KPO for 20 years.
11. Dr. Rupa Mitra : Sr. DMO/B. R. Singh for 17 years.
12. Dr. Mrs. Barnali Roy : SRDMO/KPO for 16 years.
13. Dr. Rana Bhattacherjee : Sr. DMO, B.R. Singh in same place of 15 years.
14. Dr. Indira Jha : SRDMO/B. R. Singh/Koll for 15 years.
15. Dr. Gagadhar Mandal : SRDMO/Sonarpur for 20 years.
16. Dr. S. G. Roy : SRDMO/Bandal to 20 years.

All the health inspector are working more than 20 years. Constantly in same place. Presently in all stations zonal authority made outsource arrangement where private health workers are allowed to clean platform a station Rly. track along with railway cleaning staff. As the health inspector are staying more than twenty years, owner of this contractor made understanding with him easily. As a result 90% work are made done by Rly. staff & payment is made shared between Health Inspector & Contractor. In same station both Rly. staff & private staff working for same type work. So the Rly. colony work is in poor shape due to diverting all staffs from Rly colony for station just to help the private contractor.

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